Learn to read, learn life lessons

& learn more about nature with Cats with Spots

March 1 2015 - Children love to read stories with fantastic adventures, great friendships and positive life lessons. They also love factual general knowledge stories where they can learn about nature and amazing real life facts. Cats with Spots - the amazing new storybook that combines both!

Cats with Spots takes young readers all the way to the African Savannah where they meet Leopard and Cheetah for the first time - the two big cats with spotty furs. The app will tell them all about the differences between them through the story.

Cats with Spots also teaches children the importance of tolerance and learning to accept the differences of others. The app also includes unique educational content on each page with interesting facts about animals, stunning wildlife pictures and videos too.

Packed full of interactive elements - the young readers can tap their whiskers, pull their tails, color their sports, make them laugh, run, roar and many other learning activities! Combined with genuine animal sounds, lovely music and funny sound effects, Cats with Spots provides hours of learning fun and knowledge. Parents can help their children read the app aloud with a read-to-me feature or turn it off to let them read it themselves with self-read.

Iva Vlasimsky, writer & illustrator of Cats with Spots said: “We noticed the market was crowded with free but low quality apps for kids, often labeled as education. It is becoming hard to find good quality content for younger readers."

“Cats with Spots puts the emphasis on storytelling, learning-made fun and a lovely visual and sound experience. We hope parents will recognize good value and great entertainment and education for their children.”

Cats with Spots is available to download now from the Apple iTunes Store for the limited time discounted price of only $1.99. It is fully optimised for the latest devices and will run on any iPad or iPhone running iOS 8.0 or later.

Cats with Spots will introduce young readers to a life-long love of learning, reading and animals. and will have them coming back time and time again!

Notes to Editors

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