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There is this imaginary tree house where I like to write and read stories. Here I can be a child forever, explore the world and play. So, come on and climb up, it's easy. Just close your eyes and imagine - the birds chirping, the warm breeze, the tickles of sun rays shimmering through leaves - and you're already here. Welcome to the TreeTop Library.

Iva Vlašimsky, writer and illustrator

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Cats With Spots

Hey you animal and book lovers! Here comes an innovative app that represents a crossover between fiction and non-fiction literature - a fun, interactive story combined with some real wildlife facts about animals.
In this first episode of „Amazing Animals“ series we take you to the African savanna where you meet a leopard and a cheetah - two big cats with spotty furs. Don't worry if you can't tell the difference between these two animals yet - this book app will tell you all about it!

The app includes a fun and exciting story based on differences between a cheetah and a leopard, with beautifully designed characters and animations. On a deeper level, the story teaches the importance of tolerance and acceptance of diversities.

Also, look for a little icon with a book on each page, because that's where you'll find additional educational content – „hidden“ extra windows, packed with a bunch of interesting facts, stunning wildlife pictures and videos.

The app is enriched with lovley music and a lot of amusing sound effects, including genuine animal sounds. The kids (and the parents too!) will enjoy exploring interactive elements on each page that can be tapped, shaken, dragged or scratched. Find out how the cheetah and the leopard met by the river shore and who they encountered as well. Learn the wildlife facts, see the cats up close and listen how they sound like. Tap their whiskers, pull their tails, color their spots, make them laugh, run or roar... just be playful. Because learning can be so much fun!


Idea, Production, Story & Backgrounds:
Iva Vlašimsky

Project lead & Development:
Siniša Koščec for DvasaDva
Interface & Graphic design:
Antonio Hadrović for DvasaDva
Animation & Character design:
Tea Stražičić
Music & Sounds:
Ivica Antunović-Naranča
Theo Martin-Herbert

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